Nomadic School

“The discovery of identity comes from the impulse voices, via the ability to listen to your own guts, and to their reactions and to what is going on inside of you”

– Abraham Maslow
in The Farther Reaches of Human Nature

Nomadic School’s MISSION

Foster a community of learners, educators, and families

who value growing through living the fundamental questions of life

and by exploring the beauty, goodness, and truth within

The etymology of “education”  (e-ducere) expresses its true purpose and function: to “draw out” the latent possibilities from the unconscious, to activate the latent energies dormant in it, particularly in its higher sphere, the superconscious.

– Roberto Assagioli
in The Act of Will

Nomadic School’s VISION

That we may truly know who we are and be guided by our Self.

Photo by Colby Brown

It is an error to expect…unimpeachable progress during the age of puberty. Indulgence should be shown to those who lag at this time. The life of man is whole in its length, like a cord. Touched in one part, the whole length vibrates, so there may be far-reaching consequences in adult life to some occurrence that seemed trivial in childhood.

– Maria Montessori
in To Educate the Human Potential

6 Perspectives Cultivated through Nomadic School