About Nomadic School

About Nomadic School

Nomadic School is H.D. Lee’s vision of some of what is essential to learn and do if one is to understand how we are connected to everything and how everything is connected.

This vision emerged in 2017 while H.D. Lee was in San Miguel Mexico. Many friends and mentors have helped H.D. Lee clarify and nourish this vision. Their names include: Wilka Roig, Karen Herold, Tariq Nasraldeen, Alejandro Negrete, 程薇燕, Cheryl Chinn, Annie Bai, Sandor Csiko, Marc-Antoine Cousin, Christina Winkler, Dorothy Firman, Kevin Harrington, Christopher Malapitan, Kasia Skuratowicz, Mary Pat Champeau, Giel Luichjes, Jenny Finn, Philippe Flemal, Meng-Shiun Lin, Fabiola Mariani, Catherine Martin, Richard Verboomen, Susan O’Connell, and more. These are people who have been exploring the mystery of love and life, and who have consciously aligned their life in some way to higher meaning and purpose.

Nomadic School continues to evolve but its essence as described remains the same.

Our Team

Inspirational Figures for Nomadic School

Below is a list of some of the people from past and present whose work and life have inspired the work we are undertaking at Nomadic School.