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H. D. Lee

H.D. Lee

Creator, teacher, life coach

A lover of truth, beauty, and goodness which have no opposite, H.D. Lee is a creator at heart, and a seeker of wholeness in his life’s journey. What has and continues to bring truth, beauty, and goodness to H.D. Lee’s life is his commitment to living an authentic, creative, and adventurous life that is aligned to a higher will. An encounter with Reality with a capital “R” at an early age taught him about the nature of who we really are. Subsequent transpersonal experiences and his own spiritual practice has continued to make it possible for H.D. Lee to remember and deepen his inner knowing of the truth of who we are and why we are here.

At once Taiwanese-Chinese, American, and European, H.D. Lee worked as an information technology and business consultant for the first part of his career, and then left it behind to follow his calling. Since 2017, H.D. has been engaged in the preparation and launch of an educational programme which supports and facilitates a person’s explorations of her life path, purpose & meaning in connection to Something larger than herself while being in community with like-minded people. Meanwhile, H.D. Lee taught transpersonal & positive psychology to international students at Sofia University (USA) between 2018 and 2021, and now works with young adults, adults, and couples on the questions of self-actualization and Self-realization; in other words, the questions of the discovery and fulfillment of one’s potential, as well as life meaning and purpose.

H.D. Lee has served in an advisory role for the social educational non-profit HundrED in Finland, and Xinzhai-Better (心斋-貝德幼兒全人教育中心) in China. A summary of his educational training includes the following degrees in economics (University of California at Berkeley, USA), transpersonal psychology (Sofia University, USA), certifications in psycho-spiritual coaching (The Synthesis Center, USA), Chinese Medicine (本元堂, China), information technology (IBM), business negotiation (Karrass), and projective dreamwork (MIPD). H.D. Lee has completed extensive arts training at the California Art Institute (USA) and is also currently a student of jazz.

Lectures & Publications:

  • “The Path of Life Meaning & Purpose, and the Journey to Embody Wholeness”. Invited by Propel Europe to give a talk related to their rural mental health project. Belgium, 2021.
  • Impact of fatherhood in the life of a child [爸”气十足—爸爸在孩子一生中的影响] . Interview & talk, China, invited by Xinzhai-Better, 2021.
  • The Parents that Teenagers Want. Interview & lecture, invited by Act2Gether, Belgium, 2020.
  • The Parents that Adolescents Want [青少年們所渴望的父母]. Lecture, invited by The Chinese Association of Transpersonal Psychology (中國超個人心理協會). China. 2020.
  • Giving Equity a Voice (Chapter published by Information Age Publishing). Collaboration with Elizabeth Crawford, PhD and Erik Byker, PhD. Book title Bending the Arc Towards Justice: Equity-Focused Practices for Educational Leaders. 2020.
  • Education for Orienting Life in the Unpredictable Future [教育與生命]. Lecture, China, invited by Xinzhai-Better, 2019.
  • Education, Self-Actualization & Social Transformation. Lecture, Prague, Czech Republic, International Transpersonal Conference 2017.
  • Integral Transpersonal Journal, volume IX, Number IX, published article “Self-Hatred” 2017.
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  • The relationship between educating our children and personal growth [教育孩子與自我成長:超個人心理學所給我的啟發]. Lecture, Mainland China, invited by Xinzhai-Better, 2017.
  • Conscious Relationship as a Path to Wholeness. Lecture, Romania, Eurotas Conference 2016.
  • Eurotas Newsletter #79, published article “Transpersonal Love and the Unknown”. 2016.