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Jessica Verdi

Jessica Verdi

Co-Creator, Entrepreneur, Coach, Therapist

As an eternal apprentice, Jessica Verdi is passionate about life and discovering the human potential. As an entrepreneur, coach and facilitator, Jessica’s goal is to live a life aligned with her values. She runs a coaching practice for changemakers where she applies an integral system to help people develop their intuition, and learn to use their energy and their super powers. Jessica wants to see people shine bright in the roles they play in life while having their feet firmly planted on the ground, and with their spirits connected to the stars. Jessica has been in personal development of the spiritual kind for as long as she can remember. In her own words: “Since 4 years old, my parents initiated me into the Invisible world and encouraged me to develop myself. We talked about the colors of the aura, and played games to train my telepathic ability. Of course, there was also yoga, astrology, vegetarianism, ceremonies in the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. In looking back, I realize how lucky I am to have grown up in such an environment.”

  1. Intuition is like a GPS for our lives.
  2. We have only a single mission in life
  3. We can have the life we dream of
  4. What you do from the heart returns to you in multiples to infinite number of times
  5. We choose our lessons before we incarnate on this earth.
  6. Aligned humans are like angels on earth.
  7. It is time to connect from the heart and create families of Light
  8. Nature is sacred and holds the key to balance
  9. Water is alive
  10. If it’s meant to be, we will meet!

CEO and Co-founder of SERENIDAD
~ Products and services for Wellbeing and Personal Growth ~

Masters in International Commerce and Trade, Leadership Coach in training (Coach Practitioner EMCC), International Certification on Liberating Subconscious Contracts FCS10 with EFT Tapping, Biomagnetic Pair Therapist, Energy Transformation Coach and English Philologist. Currently learning Quantum Medicine and signing.

Jessica lives in Belgium with her family. Her websites are: