Let’s start a school!

Where communities and individuals
thrive together in the context of learning
and personal growth

What is the school about?

Nomadic School is about personal development and community building that seeks its foundation in perennial wisdom and universal love as embodied by nature and the universe.

Who is the school for?

Families, adults, teens, children, and anyone who values nature, community building, personal development. It is especially for those who are seekers on the path of realization towards greater truths and universal love. It is also for people who share the understanding that education is a wonderful and potent context for the healing and evolution that wants to happen on this planet.

The school is intended for children and adolescents without a strict age limit.

How will the school work?

  1. The school will run at 2 ~ 5 days a week depending on funding as well as the families and adults involved.
  2. A curriculum will be proposed and be optional. Room will be reserved for self-organized classes and projects.
  3. Community building oriented activities will be proposed. Participation is mandatory.
  4. Service and stewardship oriented activities will be proposed. Participation is mandatory.
  5. Everyone, children and adolescents included, are free to propose courses and activities.
  6. Activities and behaviors that hinder personal development or community building will not be allowed.
  7. Age mixing will be the norm in all that we do. This means courses and activities are open to all who are interested and willing to participate with sincerity.
  8. All school related matters are to be discussed and decided through weekly School Meetings. Everyone, children and teens included, are invited to join. We will explore various group decision-making models to see which one works best.

Nomadic School’s philosophy on learning & growth

  1. For everyone and anyone, learning can happen anywhere anytime. 
  2. A healthy environment is essential for healthy learning and growth. This environment is the community around us and nature herself.
  3. Learning happens when a person is engaged with something wholeheartedly.
  4. Wholehearted learning leads to development and growth.
  5. Development and growth are directed by an intelligence intrinsic to each person. Each person develops and grows at her own rhythm and timing.
  6. A person’s motivation for learning comes from honoring the life force within, which often express itself through a person’s instincts, impulses, and imaginations.
  7. Artificial and extrinsic sources of motivations for learning are often counterproductive in the long run.
  8. When not interfered with and encouraged and supported, everyone and anyone knows what to learn, when to learn, and how to learn.

Nomadic School Values…

  1. Nomadic School values nature
  2. Nomadic School values community building
  3. Nomadic School values regenerative culture building
  4. Nomadic School values service and stewardship
  5. Nomadic School values personal development
  6. Nomadic School values the development of one’s will: strong, skillful, and good will
  7. Nomadic School values the whole person: thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, imagination, the physical, intuition, and self as center of pure self-awareness
  8. Nomadic School values the transpersonal and the transcendent
  9. Nomadic School values age mixing and intergenerational communities
  10. Nomadic School values unity through diversity

What is Nomadic School’s sources of inspiration and related movements?

Nomadic School’s Curriculum

The curriculum will be developmentally oriented but not necessarily age-constrained. For example, children between the ages of 3 to 10 may be keen to explore the natural world, but adolescents are welcome to join in on such themed activities too.

The curriculum will be holistic and integrated. We aim to design courses that combine multiple subject matters which are interrelated in a meaningful way. For example, learning about designing a house (aesthetics, architecture), city planning (how to design the processing of waste, the sharing of electricity and internet), and the science of the building material.

More to come soon…

Where will the school be located?

I want to experiment with weaving together a learning community that is both local and global. I reside in Belgium, so the local aspect of the school will be in Belgium.

The global aspect will depend on the creative solutions we come up with together in order for homeschooling and unschooling families to be able to meet with each other in person on a regular basis. My intention is for families with children of various ages to come together and be with adults who are passionate about sharing their life experience and expertise as a thriving community around the values, mission, and vision of Nomadic School.

For Belgium specifically: I intend for learners and adults to meet in places that are relevant for what we plan to do as a group, whether it is observing wildlife in the forest, learning about recycling at a waste management center, or talking to engineers at sustainability related technology companies. We may also have a fixed location where we can just hang out and enjoy each other’s company and let learning and relationship building happen naturally.

How much will tuition cost?

Tuition will vary depending on how many adults are involved and the curriculum we run for the quarter.

How will the school be paid for?

The school’s budget will be transparent and shared with the participating families. Based on this fact, families will pay (1) full tuition = full school budget divided by the number of students, or (2) another amount to be decided at the discretion of the family. We will also seek donations and grants that allow for us to remain independent in what we do.

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