Our Programmes

The Gift Circle

The gift circle is a group of people coming together weekly to give as well as to receive. After reading Charle Eisenstein’s book titled Sacred Economics, I understood the importance and value of gratitude as the glue that can bring and keep people together.

Past programmes

Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community

Dreamwork in Community – Spring

Spring is the season of reawakening. Such is the case for frogs, field mice, snakes, fish, and still others who feel the call of life after a long season of hibernation. Spring’s warm and gentle energy welcome back swallows and wild geese returning from the south, while begonia, apricot blossoms, cherry blossoms, and peony unabashedly display their beauty and draw in bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds who eagerly dive in head first!

Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community

Dreamwork in Community – Winter

In nature, winter is the time of hibernation for animals in general. It is the same for us human beings, even if it is not in the literal sense. If we are connected to our bodies and to nature, then it is not hard to feel the need to slow down during the season of winter.

Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community

Dreamwork in Community – Autumn

Being in communion with your dreams remembered from sleep is a meaningful and transformative way to reveal to yourself the direction and purpose of your own unconscious mind. Dive into the mystery of your life and mind by joining our weekly series of “Dreamwork in Community”. Be with a small group of people and experience the weaving together of a beloved community through the sharing of dreams.

The Journey

The Journey is about exploring your life purpose, vision, and missions in connection to something greater than yourself. Through meaningful dialogue, guided introspection, experiential practices, and the study of relevant texts and videos, we explore questions such as “What might be my ultimate purpose if such a thing existed?”, “How might my purpose relate to my life’s work?”, “What is my potential?”, “What are my talents and strengths? How do they relate to my aspirations?”, “How do I establish myself successfully in the world?”, and more.

Nomadic School Saturdays

Take a moment to explore who You are and What calls You in our Saturday programme with a community of likeminded people. Meet the people of Nomadic School and get a sense of the variety of ways by which we heal, grow and transform while exploring the essential and worldly questions Life brings to us.

Adolescent in Conversation and Community

Talk to other adolescents from around the world about your emotions, thoughts, life experiences, dreams about the future, and more. What shall happen when you dare to explore who you are with a group of others? Can such simple conversations awaken the capacity within you to trust and love your self more?

Nomadic School - Gap Year Programme

Gap Year Programme

A full-time programme designed for adolescents, young adults, and all those who seek to find and embrace their life’s vision and calling more fully, Nomadic School’s Gap Year Programme has been born with the intentions of facilitating the alignment of one’s self to the mystery and intelligence of Life whereby profound contact with one’s inner world, outer world, and nature bring about clarity, enthusiasm, joy, courage, openness, meaning, and purposefulness.

Information Sessions

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