Adolescent in Conversation and Community 2022

Adolescent in Conversation and Community


Talk to other adolescents from around the world about the thoughts and questions many of us have had since the beginning of time, whether it is 5th century Beijing, 16th century Rome, or 21st Century New York. 

  • I am confused about some of the emotions I have. Is this normal?
  • What can I do with my anger (or jealousy or sadness), etc…?
  • What is love? Is attraction the same as love? What is true love?

Let’s talk about your emotions, your thoughts, and your lived experiences. They MATTER !

Adolescent in Conversation and Community 2022

What to expect?

  1. Meet Online Weekly
  2. Small groups of 5 to 7 people
  3. Facilitated by experienced adults (2 to 3 people)
  4. Guided social & self explorations (weekly) 
  5. Conversations (monthly)

Past examples of guided social & self explorations

  • Autobiographical Questionnaire: exploring your life in the past, present, and future
  • Finding Common Ground: exploring what you have in common with others
  • Personal Timeline: exploring significant life events and its meaning to you

Teenagers from countries such as Indonesia, India, Africa, Vietnam have participated already. Would you like to meet other teens from a different country?

Insight from an adult facilitator of the programme

“…When the idea of ACC (Adolescent in Conversation and Community) was presented to me, I was very excited…Adolescents in Conversation, the concept is very simple and even ambiguous, however, it addresses one of the primary needs of human beings that of talking and establishing bonds with their peers.

Through his cycle, which included 3 rounds of preparation and 1 conversation on a big topic, I was able to witness how the teens found confidence in themselves, went deep into the dynamics, and became skilled in how to communicate their thoughts. They engaged in the dynamics, enjoyed themselves, laughed and each day ended the session with a reflective glimpse, something inside them was genuinely moved, nurtured, and impacted.

For 4 sessions we were a group borderless, a group made up of adults and young people who shared feelings, thoughts and created a bond.

That bond has been not only beneficial for them, but also for me as a facilitator of youth groups. It has allowed me to remember how important it is to have loving guidance in one of the most complicated stages of growing up. I have been able to connect with them from a new position in the circle of life…”

Read the complete reflection from Natalia who facilitated the first version of ACC here.

Illustration Credits: Christopher Lloyd, Jian Hui Liao Photography

H. D. Lee

About the facilitator: H.D. Lee

Committed to the spiritual adventure of his own life and the role of midwifing beauty, goodness, and truth into the world through creative and regenerative endeavors, H.D. Lee is here to share what he has learned through his teachers in transpersonal psychology, spirituality, and the arts.
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