Nomadic School 2021-22 Community Project

Adolescent In Conversation & Community

Canoeing in nature


For adolescents to grow by exploring the fundamental and universal questions of life that exist across cultures and time. This community project provides the opportunity for adolescents to develop an authentic relationship with themselves, with each other, adults and elders, as well as develop themselves socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

Dialogue, Reflect, Learn, Grow​

Pixabay - tree reflection on lake Image Credits Bessi -838667

What is this about?

It is about conversations between:

  • Adolescents from around the world
  • Adolescents and adults
  • Adolescents and elders

Expanding your capacity for self-care & self-mastery through experiencing:

  • Will, imagination, and creativity
  • Confidence, esteem, self-worth

On topics that matter:

Learn About Yourself... by Learning About Others

How will it happen?

When, Where, How Often...

  • In person & Online
  • Small groups of 5 to 7 people
  • Social and inner explorations (weekly)
  • Conversations (monthly) based on a
    specific topic

What more to know?

  • Participation is free of charge for adolescents
  • Adolescents are invited to share their ideas by writing blogs, essays, and creating videos on our social platforms.

Request a meeting with H.D. Lee ( for further information and participation in this initiative.