Dreamwork in Community – Winter

Dreamwork in Community


In nature, winter is the time of hibernation for animals in general. It is the same for us human beings, even if it is not in the literal sense. If we are connected to our bodies and to nature, then it is not hard to feel the need to slow down during the season of winter.

Sleep and dreamtime are the winter season of the day. Symbolic death takes place as we leave our everyday consciousness and connect to a much more vast realm. We are no longer in our bodies and we connect to the stories that the universe wants to tell us. Physical renewal also happens during sleep, which is the secret work of winter. Sleep prepares our body for a new day.

The Wisdom of Your Dreams
Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community - Winter

Why do dreamwork?

Being in communion with your dreams remembered from sleep is a meaningful and transformative way to reveal to yourself the direction and purpose of your own unconscious mind. Moreover, the relationship we establish with our unconscious mind through dreams, especially in a “community” format leads not only to personal development, it actively foments in our individual as well as collective spiritual evolution. The inevitable result is social transformation.

How is dreamwork done in community?

For those of you who have yet to experience dreamwork in a group format, it is a circle of people coming together to discuss dreams they remember from sleep. 

The discussion is facilitated in a specific manner (called “projective dreamwork”) so that everyone can retrieve useful insights from the dream(s) shared for all dreams speak the universal language of metaphor and symbol. Simultaneously, every person who is a part of the group cannot help but be a valuable contributor to the insights gained by everyone, because we are each unique, not only in our presence and personality, but also in the lives we have lived. 

Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community - Winter
Nomadic School - Dreamwork in Community - Winter

Dreamwork’s impact in community building

Based on the observation and work of my teacher Jeremy Taylor, who has worked with people in hospitals, prisons, schools, in the United States and other countries for fifty years, dreamwork in this projective group format has a profound impact in bringing people together. He personally witnessed how social workers and prisoners began to overcome their own personal prejudices and became able to see themselves and others as human beings just like themselves.

Dreamwork reveals the universal bond which we all share with Life, and it reveals to us our own humanity because it shows us we are more than what we think we are. Much more. This has been my experience and observation since 2014 as well, since I first began to work on my own dreams.

Practical Information

Dates, timing and pricing

If you are reading this webpage, you have likely read one of my articles or posts or emails, where I do post the actual dates, timing, and pricing of this series of dreamwork.

Otherwise, depending on the group that signs up, I usually run five to seven consecutive sessions for “Dreamwork in Community” during the winter season, spanning January and February. These are usually weekly sessions but I also adapt the rhythm of the work to those involved when it is called for.

Virtual or in person

Participants often join from different parts of the world, so most of the sessions I lead are done via video-conferencing, where we often work with audio ONLY (no camera).

My preference is to do dreamwork together in person, which happens when there are enough participants who are in the same local as I am. However, the impact of dreamwork is not diminished by the virtual format.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions should you have them.

Dreamwork Resources


  • “The Wisdom of Your Dreams” by Jeremy Taylor
  • “The Art of Dreaming” by Jill Mellick
  • “Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams” by Eugene Gendlin


“I suppose that the thing I am most pleased about is figuring out that the language of the dream is universal and that everyone is an expert.”

Jeremy Taylor
D. Min & past president of IASD


H. D. Lee

About the facilitator: H.D. Lee

Committed to the spiritual adventure of his own life and the role of midwifing beauty, goodness, and truth into the world through creative and regenerative endeavors, H.D. Lee is here to share what he has learned through his teachers in transpersonal psychology, spirituality, and the arts.
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