The Winning Mindset for Exams

The Winning Mindset for Exams

Reorient your mindset and align towards confidence,
stability and strength towards the exams

  • Identify your subconscious beliefs about testing
  • Consciously update these believes into ones that benefit you
  • Embody and anchor a winning mindset for exams
  • Receive a powerful set of practical “get ready for exams” check list

“I feel more calm in exam days and now my inner dialogue supports my goals”

Align to a confident mindset
& improve your learning environment

What to expect from our workshop

  • Develop a positive winning mindset towards exams
  • Process emotional blockages using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping
  • Discover own learning style and leverage it for exam preparation
  • Practices for anchoring feelings of calm and confidence supported by energetic techniques
  • Develop a growth mindset towards learning in life.

Practical information

  • Workshop led by Jessica Verdi, click here to learn more about your facilitator.
  • Voluntary contribution of €40 to €80 per person. Students 50% off. Bartering of material & services are considered. One free spot offered per workshop for persons in financial difficulty.
  • Limited spaces available. Register and reserve your spot by emailing Call H.D. Lee at 0489 569 221 for further inquiry.