You, Mind & Self

The Psychology of Mindfulness
and related Experiential Practices

Reflections of the clouds and the sun in San Miguel

A Course for Adolescents & Young Adults​


Workshops to be run separately for three different age groups:
15 ~ 17
18 ~ 20
21 ~ 24


One or more workshops, each focused on one of the objectives identified below


1 to 2 hours per workshop


To be determined

Through this 10-part workshop series, we learn to introduce inner stability and peace through exploring our inner world. Psychological frameworks, experiential practices, and meaningful discussions will shed light on the question of “who am I?” and perhaps even lead you to experience your life in a whole new way.


Facilitate the first steps in experiencing the various dimensions of one’s inner world and its connection to daily life, other people, and nature. Provide the vocabulary, the conceptual framework, and the practices to support the development of a healthy mind and life.


  1. Experience your awareness and your control over it​
  2. Experience bringing one’s incessant thinking to a halt
  3. Experience how the mind tends to respond to the familiar and the unfamiliar
  4. Engage fully with one’s sensory experience and then contrast it with splitting one’s attention
  5. Learn about the sense of self and how focus and other factors relate to the emergence of this sense of self
  6. Giving full attention to another person
  7. Experiencing emotions while speaking: balancing awareness and experience
  8. Increase the resonance of inner stillness through listening to nature
  9. Experience the increase in presence (mindfulness) when connecting with nature
  10. Magnify the presence (“mindfulness”) within by contacting one’s own humanity