The Gift Circle

The Gift Circle

What is the Gift Circle?

The gift circle is a group of people coming together weekly to give as well as to receive.

What is my motivation for creating the Gift Circle?

After reading Charle Eisenstein’s book titled Sacred Economics, I understood the importance and value of gratitude as the glue that can bring and keep people together. The Gift Circle is thus a way to honor and coordinate the human need to give and to receive, which engender gratitude and a sense of community because the way it is done.

The Gift Circle was developed by Alpha Lo. See the reference section below for related links.

How does it work?

Monthly meeting in person, Sundays, 12h00 to 15h00.


  1. Honoring: each person talks about the altruistic gifts received and its impact since the last meeting.
  2. Needs: each person shares one or two needs she or he has.
  3. Gifts: each person states what they would like to offer.
  4. Exchange: needs are matched with gifts.


Please register by completing the following form:

The next Gift Circle begins on January 14th, 2024 in Brussels. Time and location information will be shared following registration.


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