The Journey

The Journey

Pilot Programme 2022

A 13 Week Experience to Explore
Your Life’s Purpose, Vision and Missions

Inspired By & Based On

Transpersonal Psychology
Sourced Design Principles
Self-Directed Education

Meaning & Purpose: Life Vision & Missions

We explore the following three questions in this part of the programme: What would be my ultimate purpose if such a thing exists? What are the possible life missions that would help me realize my purpose? What can we learn from others who truly explored the questions of meaning and purpose in life? A meaningful life necessarily orients around a deeper purpose. Caroline Myss says “if you have life, you have purpose.” While this purpose may be unconscious and barely perceptible, the sense of aliveness one feels when one is “on purpose” is unmistakable. Increased clarity about one’s life purpose, vision, and missions is the definite aim here.

Becoming You: Self-Actualization

We explore the following three questions in this part of the programme: What are my strengths and talents? How do they relate to my aspirations? How do I establish myself successfully in the world? We are each only a seed of what we may become. How we actualize this potential at the level of our mundane, materialistic, and self-interested lives is the focus of our practice and study.

Being Mystery: SELF-Realization

We explore the following three questions in this part of the programme: What is the nature of the Intelligence that animates all of life? How does my sense of self and life relate to this Intelligence? How does one embody this Intelligence in one’s life and work? That which animates and organizes all of life is indeed a mystery. This Mystery-Tao-Universe appears to be interested in the evolution of consciousness of each and all. But towards what? The realization of the primordial Nature of who we are necessarily revolutionizes one’s own life and the world.

Why has this programme been created?

The Journey as a programme is born from the intention to support one’s lifelong journey of healing, development, and transformation in such a way that it becomes a life-giving pilgrimage. We believe the pilgrimage becomes life-giving when it is oriented around the exploration and realization of one’s life purpose, vision, and missions. While a pilgrimage has traditionally been about traveling towards a sacred place as designated by one’s religion, The Journey is about traveling towards an inner place of Light through life itself.

Who would benefit from this programme?

Two kinds of people would benefit from this programme:

  1. You are doing well with your everyday life (e.g. school, work, relationships), but you believe there MUST be more to life than just that.
  2. You are lost and frustrated with one or more aspects of your everyday life, and you REALLY want to find your way forward in a way that makes sense to you.

Programme At-a-Glance


Group 1: Adolescents & Young Adults
Group 2: Adults & Elders

5 to 7 people per group.

All those who feel called to explore the deeper mysteries of their lives are welcome.

Dates & Time

  • September 5th to December 4th 2022
  • Group 1: Mondays (10am ~ 5pm) & Thursdays (10am ~ 1pm)
  • Group 2: Tuesdays (10am ~ 5pm) & Fridays (10am ~ 1pm)

See Full Programme for further details.

Registration & Inquiry

Register before August 22nd, 2022.

Join one of our scheduled calls for Q&A on 7/24 or 7/31 or 8/7 @ 16h00.

Further inquiry:

Finance & Location

Conscious investment in your life based on
(1) your perceived value of the programme,
(2) your available financial resources, and
(3) tuition & cost of programme.

Brussels, Belgium.

Programme Structure: Weekly View

  • Week 1: Vitality Centered Practices & Spiritual Practice Exploration
  • Weeks 2 ~ 4: Group Inner Work: “Meaning & Purpose”
  • Week 5: Integration & solo work
  • Weeks 6 ~ 8: Group Inner Work: “Becoming You”
  • Week 9: Integration & solo work
  • Weeks 10 ~ 12: Group Inner Work: “Being Mystery”
  • Week 13: Harvest & Closure