Working with the fundamental questions of life

*The working method will involve multiple pedagogies, such as phenomenon based learning.


What is love?
What are the different faces of love?
If perfect love exists, what might that look like?
What is unconditional love in your opinion?
What are your experiences with love?
Is it good to only give love but not receive love?
How do we receive love?
If love is real, why does one fall out of love?
If there is a purpose to love, what might it be?
What do the major religions say about love? What do you think about it?


The big changes in life are similar across cultures: leaving childhood behind (for example, becoming aware of one’s developing identity intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially), entering adulthood (for example, living on your own, or getting your first job or apprenticeship), committing to a long-term relationship (for example, marriage), moving to a different place or country, losing a loved one, separation-divorce, and more.

What has been some of the big changes in your life?
How has the big change(s) in your life impacted you?
How have you responded to the big change(s) in your life?
How have those you are close to responded to the big change(s) in their lives?
What have you learned from how others have responded to change?
What do you believe life is inviting you to become through these changes? What abilities shall be developed? What beliefs are being formed because of these change?


What are your strengths and virtues?
How do you know you have these strengths and virtues?
How do you feel when you are using your strengths?
Which of your strengths would you like to develop (use) more often?
What kind of person do you aspire to become? Why?

What do you think about good and evil ?
Are good and evil just a fairy tale or is it real?
Is human nature fundamentally good or bad? Can both exist within the human being?
Must ethics be taught?
Must ethics be imposed?
Where does morality come from? Evolution? God? Both?


What is truth? How do we know?
If there was a purpose to truth, what might it be?
What are the different ways to live the truth?
What is wisdom? How do we know when we are wise?
How does wisdom differ from intelligence?


What are the root causes of war and destruction?
What are the root causes of hunger and shortage of food?
What are the root causes of the violation of human rights?
Is there good and evil in this world? How can we tell?
Can humans be both good and evil?


What is God?
Is your idea of God from your religion as well as from your experience?
Is God more than a person?

How do the major religions understand what God is?
How do the various religions cultivate a realisation of the reality of God?
How do the various religions explain why bad things happen on earth?
What is your own explanation?

How do open-minded scientists approach the question of God?
How do your understanding of God affect the way you live your life?


What is the human spirit? What is spirituality?
How does spirituality differ from religion?
Do we have a soul? How is it different from our limited sense of self?

Is the death of our body the end of who we are? How do we know?
Does reincarnation actually happen? How do we know? What evidence do we have?
How does science approach the question of spirituality, especially in quantum physics?


What is the meaning of life?
What have you heard others say that might be meaningful?
Can our lives have a purpose that is bigger than just surviving or doing well?
If your life had a bigger meaning, what do you think that might be?

Driven by The Question of “Who am I?”​

For example:

What are my strengths and virtues?
What are my interests and passions?
What is my potential? How do I realise it?
Where is my life energy blocked?
What are the different aspects of my personality?
What is my relationship to my limited self (ego)?
What is my relationship to my higher self (Self)?
What is my belief and experience about love?
What is my belief and experience about the sense that Life is bigger than what it appears to be?
What is my purpose? What is my path in life?
What is my place in the world? How do I go about finding it?
What do I truly want?
What are my fears?
What arouses hatred in me?
What do I believe about as the root of evil in this world?

The Vision: That we may truly know who we are and be guided by our Self

For example:

Experience connection and communication with Self
Reliable connection to Self
Ability to communicate with Self
Experience Self in all aspects of life
Experience Life as dialogue with Self
Relating to the fragmented and limited aspects of self
Cultivate good, strong, and skillful will