Adolescent in Conversation and Community from my perspective as a facilitator

march 24, 2023

Adolescent in Conversation and Community from my perspective as a facilitator

Hello, my name is Natalia Rojo. I’m a Mexican choreographer and dance teacher for communitarian programs.My journey as an educator began almost 10 years ago and since then I have tremendously enjoyed being part of the transformation processes that the children, adolescents, and young people in the programs in which I have participated go through.

This time I have been able to get involved with young people from around the world. From my room/office in Mexico, I have been able to create a connection with extraordinary young people and a team of facilitators committed to being agents of change.

When the idea of ACC was presented to me, I was very excited and knew it was a movement I wanted to be a part of. Now that with two groups we have finished the first block of conversations I am very happy to have been part of the training as a facilitator.

Adolescents in Conversation, the concept is very simple and even ambiguous, however, it addresses one of the primary needs of human beings that of talking and establishing bonds with their peers.

Through his cycle, which included 3 rounds of preparation and 1 conversation on a big topic, I was able to witness how the teens found confidence in themselves, went deep into the dynamics, and became skilled in how to communicate their thoughts. They engaged in the dynamics, enjoyed themselves, laughed and each day ended the session with a reflective glimpse, something inside them was genuinely moved, nurtured, and impacted.

For 4 sessions we were a group borderless, a group made up of adults and young people who shared feelings, thoughts and created a bond.

That bond has been not only beneficial for them, but also for me as a facilitator of youth groups. It has allowed me to remember how important it is to have loving guidance in one of the most complicated stages of growing up. I have been able to connect with them from a new position in the circle of life.

I am deeply grateful to be able to be part of a movement like this in which we adults are not looking to be right but only to have the tools to be able to share honestly with the younger generation.

Article by Natalia Rojo